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We give you more than just a school Welcome to Kungsmadskolan! We compare our school to a society in miniature. Here 1,000 students and 170 adults work together. This is a big school with many programmes. With so many people on the move here it is important that they all respect each other as much as possible.

Our task is to give you an excellent basic education that you can subsequently benefit from in further education and in the workplace. It’s important that you make good use of your three years here at Kungsmadskolan and take a major responsibility for your studies!

Those of us who work here at the school hope that you will enjoy your time and develop as a person during your study time here. A team of teachers work around your specific education and you can always get help and support from this team.

Kungsmadskolan is a non-smoking workplace, both students and personnel.

Your time at Kungsmadskolan will prepare you for the life that awaits you after senior high school, not only as a worker or student but also as a person.

The school management wish you all the luck in the world and hope that the coming school year will be a fine year for you. We want to give you more than just a school! 

The school management

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