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Welcome to Teknikum, Together we can achieve our goals

Welcome to Teknikum! We are very pleased that you have chosen one of our senior high school programmes. Our programmes are exactly right for this modern age and all of our programmes have been adapted to current, modern job markets. With a qualification from Teknikum you will be well prepared for work or further studies. At Teknikum you are the principal character. We will provide you with a sense of security, self-belief and the tools that you need to fashion your own future.

We concentrate a great deal on the well-being of everyone at Teknikum, together with a positive working environment. It is therefore important that everyone, both students and personnel, feel that they participate in maintaining the positive learning environment. We hope that you will also become a committed student and contribute to influencing Teknikum’s development.

We would like the three years of study at Teknikum to be both developing and positive for each and every student. This brochure contains a great deal of information that we all need to know or know where it can be obtained. Here you will find information as to how to contact different people within the school, as well as the rules and regulations that apply.

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