XIV UBC General Conference

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Thank you for participating in Växjö at the XIV UBC General Conference 24-27 of October! The theme was: Leadership for the future - Cities as leaders for glocal sustainable development.

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Welcome to Växjö

Short movie with Per Schöldberg, deputy mayor in Växjö Municipality and also UBC board member.

The registration to the XIV UBC General conference has closed, for further information contact the UBC-secretariat http://www.ubc.net/organisation/secretariat.

Even if you will not be in Växjö you can still join parts of the conference

The plenary sessions during 25–26 October and the statutory UBC General Conference on 26 Oc-tober will be streamed live at www.bit.ly/ubc-youtubelänk till annan webbplats.Streaming times are:

  • Wednesday 25 October at 13.30–15.00 and 15.30–17.30
  • Thursday 26 October at 09.00–10.30, 11.00–13.00 and 16.00–17.15.

The main hashtag during the UBC General Conference is #UBC_BSR

UBC Youth Conference

The UBC emphasizes the role of youth and listening to the voices of tomorrow. The UBC Youth Conference will be organized simultaneously with the UBC General Conference, featuring a strong involvement of the BSR youth representatives. UBC member cities have received an official invitation in April to attend the bi-annual General Conference – please remember to include at least 1–2 youth representatives in your delegation.

Leadership for the future – Cities as Leaders for Glocal Sustainable Development

We live in challenging times, which require that cities stand up and show leadership!

The UBC General Conference in Växjö, celebrating our 25th Anniversary andachievements, is the natural forum to seek effective solutions to common chal lenges,such as climate, jobs, growth, integration and security.

In our region and member cities we have a tremendous wealth of experience and good examples of how we can listen to and engage our citizens, develop solutions to everyday problems and challenges of tomorrow. There is so much we can learn from each other!

The Växjö Conference is about leadership: How cities are pioneering in various fields of life, such as promoting digital start-up ecosystems, preventing youth marginalization and fighting climate change.

Or how to solve the rising demand for investment in physical, digital and social infrastructure to support growth and sustainable development. And how to find and nurture the "Jedi knights", lead ersneeded to drive the transformation?

But we, as cities and regions, have a wider responsibility: to engage in shaping and building Europe of tomorrow. A Europe based on trust and democratic values, where the voice of ordinary citizens is heard and taken into account.

We need now international cooperation more than ever! And UBC, as the leading city network in Northern Europe, is the natural platform for cooperation and exchange. Our "hands-on" working style seeks practical solutions, not only beautiful words.

Therefore, we call upon our member cities, Mayors and other city leaders, all our friends and partners to join in the UBC General Conference and 25 th Anniversaryin Växjö, the "greenest city in Europe".

See you in Växjö!

Porträtt av Per Bødker Andersen

Per Bødker Andersen, President, Union of the Baltic Cities

Welcome from the Lord Mayor of Växjö

Växjö are honoured that the XIV UBC General Conference will be hosted by our city in October 2017, having the theme "Leadership for the Future – Cities as Leaders for Glocal Sustainable Development". We believe that this theme is well chosen to lift the increased importance of cities as drivers for sustainable development and well-fitting this year when the UBC celebrates 25 years' anniversary.

Under this theme we will be able to stage important discussions in all the thematic areas of the UBC and reflect on how the UBC can help to facilitatethe roles of cities as leaders into the future. We shall look forward to a conference which will be inspirational, interactive and have strong youth involvement.

Mayors and local leaders are part of the solution for an open and sustainable Baltic Sea Region, and we as leaders must use our local power for a positive development of the entire region. Our mission goes beyond our city borders.

Växjö invites you to come and share a few days with us in the 'Greenest city in Europe' and let you know why we are called just that. Our intention is to show Växjö from its best side. During the days here you will have a chance to experience some Swedish hospitality and have a chance to learn of some good practises from our fast growing city, where we have succeeded to combine high ambitions environmental agenda with a strong economic growth in a fast growing city.

I welcome you to Växjö and hope you will have a few really interesting days.

Porträtt av Bo Frank

Bo Frank, Lord Mayor of Växjö

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