Sustainable development

Växjö - the Greenest City in Europe, both a vision and ambition for the municipality. Broad cooperation on many levels, unanimous politicians and long term work is important in Växjö Municipality.

Logotype European Green Leaf winner 2018 - Växjö.

Växjö got the European Green Leaf Award 2018

The European Commission has appointed Växjö the European Green Leaf Award 2018.

Växjö winner of European Green Leaf Award 2018
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During MAT, a unque event in September 2019, Växjö Municipality invite all the cities in the European Green Leaf Award-network to visit Växjö and be part of a seminarium.

Sustainable food in European Green Leaf Network cities

Where: Växjö Konserthus

When: 13 of September, 11:00 - 12:30 o'clock

Participation by Environmental officers from the various cities

A lot of interesting things are going on in Växjö related to food and sustainability. But what is going on in other parts of Europe? In this seminar we will listen to experiences, challenges, solutions and projects from cities in Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. All the participating cities have won or been in the final of the European Green Leaf Award, an award won by Växjö in 2018. Arranged by Växjö Municipality.

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Global Goals - Agenda 2030

Växjö has had an environmental programme since 2006 as steering document. But from 2018 Växjö work and focus to get a local sustainable development plan based on the UN Development Goals (also called Global Goals and Agenda 2030). The plan is to get a political decision during the end of 2019, the new steering document for sustainable development for the municipality, Sustainable Växjö 2030.

For more information

Växjö Municipality have steering documents and information brochures, some translated into English.

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